Collaborative Reading

A reading strategy to help students  to connect new information to their prior knowledge ans they discuss a passage with peers. It can be used with pairs or triads. Purpose: Mul> To promote text comprehension through relation the contend to prior knowledge To develop listening skills to develop summarizing and “Collaborative Reading”

Process Notes

Process notes is a strategy that allows students to document the process of steps they take to complete a given problem or task. These steps are written on a separate sheet which allows students to collaborate thought processes. Purpose To increase metacognition To help students assess the efficiency of their “Process Notes”

Paragraph Frames

Paragraph frames provide an outline that students can use to frame their thoughts. Expository frames teach students the different parts of a paragraph. Explanation frames teach students to focus on important information in their writing. (PDF. Download). Purpose: to teach students the three parts of the paragraph  introduction – body “Paragraph Frames”