Process Notes

Process notes is a strategy that allows students to document the process of steps they take to complete a given problem or task.

These steps are written on a separate sheet which allows students to collaborate thought processes.

  • To increase metacognition
  • To help students assess the efficiency of their problem solving processes
  • to help students expand their repertoire of problem solving strategies

Why and How would I use it?

I would use this in a math class, for instance pattern to have the students immediately after solving a problem, write a description of the process they went through to arrive at the answer. ( Even if they get stuck and cannot solve the problem, they record their process).

Students then share their problem-solving process with a partner or a group. After sharing, students add to their notes, assessing their own strategy.

I like this approach because it allows students no only to think about their problem solving strategy but also more importantly write it out in their own words. I think that this process makes them take ownership of their thinking which is a very powerful experience.