Three-Point Approach

This strategy provides students at all ages with a visuals as well as written method for clarifying and reviewing concepts/ vocabulary terms. This strategy assists students in developing excellent review notes.

Purpose: To develop an review vocabulary

  1. Teacher provide a list of key words or concepts
  2. Student write the definitions from their notes, draw a diagram, and write a synonym or example

Variation:  Early Years teachers lead students through the exercise and the teacher and students complete the think sheet one step at a time.


Why and How would I use it?

I would use the 1-3-3 Approach when introducing a  new subject to the students.

In preparation to teaching a new subject or cluster, I would write the new vocabulary at that board so that students can get associated with them  while they are learning about it the new subject. 

First we would read or learn about the new subject, and then at the end, I would go over the new vocabulary and have students fill out the think sheets.

I think that this is a nice tool that can be used to summarize key concepts of every-days lesson.