Look It Over

Look It Over

Look It Over is a content reading method recommended for acquiring strategies. Before students begin to read a new book, they pick-up cues using a Look-It-Over sheet (PDF. Download).

Students write what they see and what it tells them, from the cover page to the index. Students interpret cues in order to have a fair understanding of the book they are about to read.

Purpose: To teach students to pick up cues by previewing textual material

  1. The teacher provides students with a Look it Over think sheet
  2. Under What I See, students list the non-textual features that provide them with information about the text: titles and subtitles, preface, illustrations, picture captions, chapter questions, and summaries.
  3. Under What This Tells Me, students interpret these cues. They note what they have learned about the content of the text and its organization. Older students may also record observations about the purpose of the text and its tone.

Why  and How would I use it?

I would use this strategy to introduce a new book or novel. The reason why I like it is that it gives students an opportunity to make prediction based on only little information i.e. the book cover.

At the end of  reading the book, the students could go back and compare their prediction with the actual story.