Lab Frame

Used when doing labs/experiments in class to help guide students through the experiment and thinking about the connection to the class content(PDF. Download). Purpose To help students select details from a video, film or oral presentation To teach note-making skills Why and How would I use it? I would hand “Lab Frame”

Admit & Exit Slips

A simple but effective formative assessment is the exit slip. Exit slips are small pieces of paper or cards that students deposit as they leave the classroom. Students write down an accurate interpretation of the main idea behind the lesson taught that day. Next, they provide more detail about the “Admit & Exit Slips”

Word Cycles

This learning strategy can be used to help students learn necessary vocabulary terms for upcoming or ongoing units. (PDF. Download). Purpose: To help students  become familiar with the unit vocabulary To activate and extend prior knowledge Why and How would I use it? This learning strategy can be used to “Word Cycles”

K-W-L Plus

A 3 step activating strategy. The KWL( Know, Want to know, Learned) strategy, developed by Donna Ogle (1986), is one of the most widely used strategies to active prior knowledge. A variation call KWL Plus (Carr and Ogle, 1987) incorporates mapping and summarize. Purpose: To activate prior knowledge To provide “K-W-L Plus”