Admit & Exit Slips

A simple but effective formative assessment is the exit slip. Exit slips are small pieces of paper or cards that students deposit as they leave the classroom. Students write down an accurate interpretation of the main idea behind the lesson taught that day. Next, they provide more detail about the topic. (PDF. Download).

  • To help students focus on what they expected to learn in class
  • To help students reflect with information on student learning
  • To provide the teacher with information on student learning

Why and How would I use it?

I would use this strategy to get students ready for a task using the Admit Slip. They could think about a subject and formulate questions that they might be of interest for them or a focus statement, or questions that were not answered for them in the previous class.

I would use the Exit Slip to note down one important thing they learned during class or a question that remained unanswered.

I like this strategy because this gives students to post questions and share them privately with me which they may otherwise not do. The following day i can use those Exit slips and see what questions need to be answered and if the students learned at least one important fact from the previous lesson.