Collaborative Reading

A reading strategy to help students  to connect new information to their prior knowledge ans they discuss a passage with peers. It can be used with pairs or triads.

Purpose: Mul>
  • To promote text comprehension through relation the contend to prior knowledge
  • To develop listening skills
  • to develop summarizing and clarifying skills
  • To connect content to student’s prior knowledge

  • Why and How would I use it?

    I would group strong students with a weaker student.  I would instruct them to each of the take turns reading out loud. I would instruct them to stop at a self-chosen point in the text and comments on readings, connecting  it to a personal experience or an idea.

    I would instruct the other reader , the listener, to comments on the reading and he or she would that take over the reading aloud.  The process of reading, speaking, and listening continues.

    I like the strategy because it help students to be in control of their own reading speed. When weak students are paired with stronger students, the stronger student can assist and the reading experience becomes so much more rewarding.  I also like the idea that the stopping point is self chosen. Some students struggle with reading, and this provides them with an opportunity to read in very small segments at a time.