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Matteo DiMiro – Coding & Flipped Classrooms

I really enjoyed today’s guest speaker Matteo DiMiro.
Matteo talked about the Pros & Cons of Flipped Classrooms, how to implement them as a new teacher, and advised us to start in smaller sections. Some of the advantages are that students feel that they have more control, they are more open to collaborating with other students and can learn at their own speed. However, the necessity for relying on digital devices and connectivity to the internet can be a problem. Furthermore, students will spend even more time in front of a screen, and since homework is not well-liked already, I wonder if parents would see the benefit of it?

Matteo then talked about the way computer science is taught in the UK. In a nutshell, students from K-12 are being taught coding at school. All students are required to learn two or more programming languages, at least one of them being textural by the time they reach grade 8. Please read some of my blogs in the “Uk approach to coding & Why we are falling behind” category if you want to learn more about coding at schools.

Lastly, Matteo introduced us to a new programming language called Scratch. We spend the remainder of the class writing our first program in Scratch. Super exciting !!!!

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