Computational Thinking and Twitter

Tech Task #6 Twitter Review

I have been a twit on Twitter since December 2017. Initially, I created my Twitter account in order to stay current with world news and get daily updates on Germann news via ZDF @ZDF.
However, over the past three years, I have used my Twitter account for other reasons as well. For instance last winter, I have watched numerous SnowboardProCamp YouTubes before my actual snowboard lessons.

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Since my placement at ร‰cole New Era School, I have followed Mme Roberst ‘@classroberts’ on her classroom website.

Computational Thinking and Twitter
Computational Thinking and Twitter 1


My latest achievement, however, was to use one of the ‘DENYZEE’ youtube broadcasts for educational purposes. The goal of this exercise was for the students to learn new vocabulary in context.
To prepare the lesson, I first downloaded and printed the transcript for all my students. Then, I highlighted certain keywords. Because the text was rather long, I decided to create a separate document and to copy only those sentences that included the keywords.
We started the class by just listening and enjoying the funny youtube video. Next, I handed out the two documents, a copy of the transcript and a copy of the document with the keywords and we listened to the youtube again, but this time asking the students to pay attention to the keywords. We then talked about the text and it’s content to ensure everyone understood it. After that, students had to find a synonym and an antonym for each keyword.
Finally, my students had to rewrite the phrases using the synonym. In the following class, my students were given the sentences with the synonym in parentheses and had to enter the original word. I also prepared questions in such a way that they had to use the antonym in order to make the sentence meaningful.

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I think that Twitter is a great tool for teachers to find contemporary material that can be used in a meaningful way in the classroom. It can also be used to showcase the classroom to the rest of the world. I will most certainly make use of it throughout my career.

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  1. I understand that you started using Twitter to stay up-to-date with the world. I would have done the same. Would you still use it when you become a full-time teacher? I probably would. My reasons for using Twitter might be different from yours. I might use it to communicate last minute changes to something concerning my class, What are yours?

      1. My apologies Martina! I wonder how I missed the last statement. That answers my question.
        Thanks for another good post.

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