K-W-L Plus

A 3 step activating strategy. The KWL( Know, Want to know, Learned) strategy, developed by Donna Ogle (1986), is one of the most widely used strategies to active prior knowledge. A variation call KWL Plus (Carr and Ogle, 1987) incorporates mapping and summarize. Purpose: To activate prior knowledge To provide “K-W-L Plus”

Three-Point Approach

This strategy provides students at all ages with a visuals as well as written method for clarifying and reviewing concepts/ vocabulary terms. This strategy assists students in developing excellent review notes. Purpose: To develop an review vocabulary Teacher provide a list of key words or concepts Student write the definitions “Three-Point Approach”

Look It Over

Look It Over

Look It Over is a content reading method recommended for acquiring strategies. Before students begin to read a new book, they pick-up cues using a Look-It-Over sheet (PDF. Download). Students write what they see and what it tells them, from the cover page to the index. Students interpret cues in “Look It Over”

Compare & Contrast Frame

Comparing and contrasting helps students find differences and/or similarities to organize both new and known information. Students will be able to, note differences and similarities between or among objects, ideas, concepts, events, or other subjects. It is a tool for teachers to see students thinking. (PDF. Download). Why and How “Compare & Contrast Frame”