Is your favourite influencer even real?

Will Robots replace teachers?

“Will Robots replace teachers?” or “Who is your favorite influencer on Instagram?”

With artificial intelligence, AI outperforming humans in more than one way, it does not take much to imagine, that many professional jobs will soon disappear and at the same time new jobs will be needed and thus will be created. Many of these jobs have already disappeared and I believe that this trend will continue to grow.

The idea of AI taking over our personal and professional lives is not a futuristic vision anymore. Integration of artificial intelligence has already started as we see it with self-check-outs in stores, self-check-ins on flights, hotels and many other services industries. Self-driving cars, Google Maps, Autopilots in Commercial Flights, Mobile Check-Deposits, Online-Shopping, Social Networks, the list is endless.

Artifical Intelligence in the Social Media :
Perhaps you have already come across this Instagram fashion blogger called Miqula, Miquela@liliquela, who is an artificial intelligence influencer, with over 1.3 million Instagram followers.
Not only is she considered a role model for young women and girls, but also very high fashion designers such as Prada had her collaborate for Melan’s Fashion Week!

Artifical Intelligence in the classroom:
A reason study has found that Robo-Grader are capable of scoring essays on standardized tests as well as human beings do.

The idea of One-size-fits-all classes may be replaced by software that not only adapts itself to the specific needs of the students, thus providing the student with a personalized learning experience that is tailored to the pupils’ individual strength and weaknesses but also is capable of identifying at-risk students early on so that schools can provide extra resources and diminish the rate of dropouts.

Will Robots replace teachers?
In a nutshell, I think that Mrs.Thompson had a valid point at this point in time claiming that teachers do have a niche in the classroom and that software and learning applications do have their place as well.
However, when I look at the sophisticated software already available for teachers, in addition to AI influencers being followed by young people who see them as role models already, the idea of having teachers replaced by AI is not that far fetched.
I think that we have to keep in mind that our values and culture are fluid and will keep on changing as a result of how future generations will interact with this world.
I think that there are many reasons that support this claim as we have seen in the few examples in this post and thus I believe that AI will eventually be an integrated part in everyone’s lives including classrooms.

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  1. I didn’t know about Miqula but it doesn’t surprise me that she exists. I don’t know how I feel about her ability to change the world 1.3 million people at a time. I really like your point about how A.I. will be viewed differently by future generations. When you grow-up with something it becomes normal. I hadn’t considered that far ahead but I think you raise an important point surrounding the topic. Today it is unsettling, tomorrow it is normal. Thank you for leaving me something to think about going forward.

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